Please let us know what kind of candidate profiles you are looking for.

We conduct our talent searches as follows:

  1. We will immediately search our database for suitable candidates.
  2. Your needs will be communicated to all our scouts in six countries and they will start exploring their networks (incl. all relevant social media channels).
  3. The long list of candidates will be presented to headquarters in Switzerland
  4. The selected talents will be filtered through a three-step assessment:
  • Local interview with pharmaceutical specialist in his or her country (focus on verifying CV)
  • Interview with pharmaceutical specialist by phone or Skype from headquarters (focus on specific know-how)
  • Interview with HR specialist from headquarters (focus on motivation, problem solving, building relationships, drive & resilience etc.)
  1. Presentation to company.  

All candidates must either be Swiss or hold an EU passport to ensure that a work permit for Switzerland can be obtained easily.

Our search efforts are free of charge. A success fee is only due when an employment contract with one of our candidates is signed. 

Of course we have the necessary federal licence for international recruiting services.